Papers, Publications, Conference Presentations & Courses


 ‘Performing the Sacred’, Eremos, No 120, September 2012, pp. 8-10.

‘Implications of a Search for an Australian Feminist Spirituality.’  Women Church:  An Australian Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion.  Vol. 35, Spring 2004, pp. 45-51.

‘Centre of the Storm: In Search of an Australian Feminist Spirituality Through Performance-Ritual’.  Phd. Thesis. 2002

‘Confronting the limits of language for exploring a spirituality of ‘place’’, Ecopolitics, Vol.1, No.,4, Spring 2002, pp. 54-58

‘Can ‘Humanness’ be Separated from Culture?  A Response to Edward Bond’, Playworks, Vol. 8, No. 2, April-September, 2001, pp.  24, 25.

‘Peace’ (poem), Artswest, Vol. 16, No. 2, March 1999, p. 6.

‘The Show Boat Carousel - the whitewash of the Blacks’,  National Outlook, Vol. 20, No. 2, April 1998, pp. 18, 19.

‘Many Parts One Body’, National Outlook, Vol. 16, No 2, April 1994

‘Ritual in Religion and the Performing Arts’, Religion, Literature and the arts Conference, 1994

‘Struggle to Become’, Eremos, No 40, 1989

‘The Evolution of Dance’, Talents, No 29, 1989

 UNPUBLISHED (available on request)
 ‘Contemporary Australian Spirituality: A Return’, 2012

 Poems & Reflections

 Elizabeth Pulley: the first five years


The Practice of Ritual.  WEA, Sydney, 2004.  10 week introduction to ritual using examples from many cultural perspectives.

In Search of the New.  WEA, Sydney, 2004.  10 week series exploring some of the ways in which changes in Western thought has impacted on spiritual expression from 18th century to present.

 ‘Performance-Ritual as a Medium for Presenting the Interior’.  Australian Drama Studies Association - Endless Horizons:  Looking Inwards & Looking Outwards, Brisbane, 2003.

‘Why Celebrate?’ Celebrations for Development and Change:  People, Places and Processes, 2002.

‘Developing Awareness of Nature, Place and Change through imagination, story and performance... OR...the importance of personal connection’, 23rd Annual NSW Environmental Education Conference, 2000

‘Performance-Ritual, a journey of the soul’, Feminism and Theology Conference, 1999

 Ecopolitics XII.  Performance – ‘Sense of Place Sacred Space:  Arrival’.  1999.

 Interdisciplinary Feminism and Theology Conference:  ‘What’s God Got To Do With It?’, Sydney.  Performed Paper - ‘Performance-Ritual:  a journey of the soul’. 1999

Spirituality, Leadership and Management Conference, Sydney.  Workshop - ‘Acknowledging our Personal Myth’ 1998

Religion, Literature and the Arts Conference, Sydney – Performance:  Support paper - ‘Ritual in Religion and the Performing Arts’.  1994

Australian Council of Churches Conference, Richmond , Living Under the Southern Cross – Performance: ‘Into the Dark’. 1993

‘A Vision of Man is a Vision of God’, CDFA Conference, 1992 - presented in absentia.

‘Training the Christian Dancer’, CDFA Conference, 1990

‘Dance, Evangelism and Youthwork’, CDFA Conference, 1988

‘Analysing Dance Technique’, Australian Association for Dance Education National Conference, 1984

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