Saturday, 7 August 2021


Wangal park and wetlands.


I began ForLoveOfGaia in 2013 with the aim of exploring and fostering conversation about the intersections of life experience, culture, religious and spiritual beliefs (spiritual ground), the emerging theories and philosophy of new science, and practice/spiritual matrix (performance, ritual, performance-ritual).



Quotes - art, performance, life, belief and reality

The Human Face of (Inter-faith)Conflict

Why do we create ‘sacred’

Australian Culture and Spirituality

The Fire of the Sun: summer, festivals andAustralia

In memory of mum

The Trickster on a tightrope: on being 'in between', autumn and time for reflection 

The Hidden: Illusions, Crossroads, and Winter

‘Are you gunna be banging them drums again?’: healing, spirituality and the space between.

An Incomplete Easter: Good Friday, the Passover and revisiting Susan Griffin

When the s**t hits the fan and all hope is lost: world myths, idealism, reality and suicide.

Ritual as the performed expression of our ‘deep’: the King’s farewell

Sitting with chaos: on new science, belief and change


Invocation 2020

Women and the land

A currawong's spring

Leavetaking: reflections on turning 50


Background in Performance-Ritual

Definitions - Spiritual Ground, Spiritual Matrix, Performance-Ritual

Early writing I: Many Parts One Body, 1994

Early writing II:  The Showboat Carousel, the whitewash of the blacks, 1998

Earlywriting III: Can "Humanness" be Separated from Culture?, 2001