Wednesday, 4 November 2015

In memory of mum

We step out into the world with great trust and hope
and begin
No idea of what, where, or how

What extraordinary faith we have

Our paths may differ
some straight
some twisted
some with unexpected gifts and surprises
            some not

and then,
when our time comes
our paths blend
            the ending known

We know the what,
just not the when , how, where or why       

That too is a step of faith

Mum (11/9/1921- 19/9/2015)

Feet planted firmly on earth
Intention focussed and sure
The warrior
defender of family and home
loyal to the core
no sacrifice too great
  steadfast in love

We are One

From the depths of the earth
to the highest heavens
and the farthest reaches of the Universe
We are one

May your journey be full of light
and love.
(and a  little eccentricity....)

Goodbye mum

Annette & Mariette
© 2015

ADDENDUM.  As I was travelling home after mum's cremation and wake there was a beautiful full unbroken rainbow curving across the bay and over her home ending further south.  Others who attended the day noticed it as well.  Recently I have been reminded of that beautiful version of, and farewell, 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow',  Enjoy.

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